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      Dedicated to the memory of Gene Roddenberry,
gthe creator of Star Trek,
& Andromeda

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This web-site is about pushing the frontiers of the imagination,
and to realize the vision that as many people as possible can reach the Stars in one human lifetime.

This is a perilous journey that many fear. Not everyone wants this. We have the technology now, but do we have the power?

-------------- TOPICS --------------

  • Star Wars VIII: The Origin of the Force Trees
    Millenia ago, a boy and a girl visited a Force sensitive tree. They were the first perceptive humanoids that felt the Force. They started to develop strange powers while standing near a mysterious tree.

  • The Crew:  Actors and Actresses of Star Trek and other shows.
    Jeri Lynn Ryan (Seven Of Nine), Leonard Nimoy (Spock), William Shatner (Kirk), George Takei (Sulu), John G. Hertzler (General Martok), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Robert O'Reilly (Chancellor Gowron), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Max Grodénchik (Rom), Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher), Lolita Fatjo (Scripts DS9 and Voyager). Babylon 5.  Anecdotes, Interviews, Background Info.
  • Visit Star Trek 'The Experience'Special Features
    Virtual Reality Holodeck and space station, free Trek screensaver, hi-rez images from the Star Trek World Tour (for use as wallpaper)
  • Conventions
    Press conference(s) with insider news, Galileo 7 in Berlin, FedCon 7 in Bonn, unicef
  • Galactic Records
    Featuring the band IO, this is a promotional music page I designed for a friend.
  • Book Reviews
    A write-up on John Z. DeLorean, creator of the DMC12, the car which was the star of 'Back To The Future'.
  • The Crew Casino
    Online Java games designed to brighten your day: an asteroids style shoot'em up, Poker, IQ game and Jeri Ryan games(!)
  • Starfleet Medical & Extrobiology Corps
    Consult an online interactive! early speaking version of Voyagers Emergency Holographic Program, investigate beautiful exotic virtual reality organisms
  • Engineering, Science & Philosophy Section
    Faster than Light transmission of signals,  Communication faster than light?, The Boomerang Experiment, Marvin Minsky of MIT on Reincarnation,  Basic Artificial Intelligence
  • Diplomacy and Politics
    This section is not about Bajoran politics but about real world politics and conferences.How would a "United Federation of Planets" deal with issues such as Globalisation? Is Globalisation benefiting individuals as a precursor to a 'United Planet'? Or is Globalisation just a tool for multinational corporations to increase their share value?

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The Cyber Sci-Fi NetworkFrom a producing, writing, directing and acting team who brought you such classic TV sci-fi as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Earth Final Conflict,V, Space Rangers and War of the Worlds, the Cyber Sci-Fi Network (CSFN) offers a selection of original sci-fi episodic series, specifically created and produced for the Internet.

The hunt is quietly underway to discover planets like EarthFrom After a five-year search that has turned up more than 40 giant, inhospitable planets around other stars, the hunt is quietly underway to discover another place like home. And while no scientist can say for sure that any such planet exists, optimism is high that another Earth will be found within the decade, possibly much sooner. Read what the planet hunters say, and learn about future missions designed to find another Earth.

click here to play the movieThe Sandworms of Mars: Watch a short movie about the discovery of gigantic worms on Mars. Featuring the latest images from the Mars Global Surveyor Satellite, the borders between fact and fiction become blurred in this well-made spoof documentary... Watch it live by clicking here. If you'd like to download the movie (zipped format) you can do that by clicking here. The zipped version comes with it's own movie projector. The Space Travel And Tourism OrganizationFancy going on a trip to Space? The Space Travel And Tourism Organization finds that progress is being made and things are beginning to happen in certain quarters of Space Tourism. Very few could afford the transportation price to visit a space hotel if one was available today.

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