Special Features of the NCC 1701A

last update: Mar 20 '00

is it Real or Virtual? The Virtual Enterprise Project (Holodeck 2):
It's a measure of the success of Star Trek that supporters from all over the world wish to partake in it's vision.  As a first small step in this direction I would like to create a small virtual environment for people from everywhere to join the crew of a virtual starship, and to interact in the known surroundings.

The Transporter Room (size: 152kb)
can we trust our eyes?Virtual Reality Holodeck 1:
Welcome to the  Space station Blythe (size: 338kb). Experience cutting edge Virtual Reality. Whilst in the reception lounge visit the resources I have collected together with my trusted helper Xris... you can interact with almost every object. (PS: This is not a chat-room. It's not possible to chat to the robots) (Viscape required)...
a HirogenEric's Most Excellent Photo Galleries from the STAR TREK WORLD TOUR
This gallery in the design of a PADD contains many pictures which can be used as wall-paper.

cool screensaverFree Screensaver: Trek Saver...
...is a great program also distributed via SOFTSEEK.COM. Trek Saver features 29 of the best photographs from my Museum Galleries and has transition- and sound-effects (ZIP-file 1.4mb).

Disney is making a movie about them, and most people think they are as real as Goofy: CropCircles have been documented since the 9th century. In early times attributed to be the work of the devil, modern explanations have ranged from miniatures tornadoes to the workings of aliens. One of the most incredible cropcircle formations of all time was seen on 13 August 2001 in Wiltshire in England, comprising about 500 circles.

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please click meIn connection with the crop circles I would like to draw attention to the growing problem of starvation in many parts of the world. Please help by visiting The Hungersite.

Symbolically I have picked two hands of wheat from the centre of the crop circles in Wiltshire. If you send me a confirmation from any accredited aid organization targetting world hunger that you've made a contribution towards it in excess of $100, then I will send you an oar of wheat grain, including a certificate of its authenticity. The contribution must be dated after 1. September 2001. I will not make money from this, since I will pay for packaging and shipping.