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Now that Disney Studios are making a movie about them ('Signs', to be released in 2002), it's probably fitting that most people think they are about as real as Goofy:

Crop Circles have been documented since the 9th century. In early times attributed to be the work of the devil, modern explanations of this phenomenon have ranged from miniatures tornadoes to the workings of aliens. One of the most incredible crop circle formations of all time was seen on 13 August 2001 in Wiltshire in England, comprising about 500 circles.

A seemingly unreasonable explanation for the creation of crop circles has now been put forward by English farmer Tim Carson:

In a field next to his property a circle appeared which is composed of approximately 500 individual circles. The farmer roughly estimated that in order to fake this crop formation one circle would have to have been created every 30 seconds. However, the short time available during a typical summers night does not seem to make this feasible.

Crop circles have been investigated by a number of individuals, not least American billionaire Laurence Rockefeller, but no reasonable explanation for their origin has been forthcoming. It is quite possible that crop circles have been created since early human history began. One theory even attributes the creation of Stonehenge to the earlier appearance of a crop circle at the site.

By looking at the giant size of the 400-500 circle crop formation the scale of the mystery is revealed. To get an even better impression with larger pictures please visit the crop circle Connector web site (click here).

Maybe there are Aliens involved after all?

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