Star Trek World Tour Photos
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4 photos: the Borg sleeping alcove, 2 Borg close-ups and Jean Luc Picard as Lucutos of Borg
take control of the Enterprise in this asteroids style game. This up-to-date version is quite addictive, so you've been warned! (Java)
18 photos: Cardassian, Vorta, 2 x Klingon, Hirogen and close-up, Morn, Ferengi, Asoth, Vidian, 2xTosk, Giger-Alien, Tailhead, Shapeshifter, Kazon Collective, 2 x Jem Hadar credit and short bio about Michael Westmore, the creator of many Star Trek life forms...
4 photos: Patrick Stewart, Nichelle Nichols at the Star Trek World Tour including her costume from the original series
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Is the building of a warp-drive possible??? Find out in this entertaining and well-designed guide to "The Physics of Star Trek" by New Scientist magazine 5 photos: the throne of Q and a detail thereof, a very old Bajoran stone tablet and a T'lam military bunker, female sculpture
6 photos: Klingon dagger and Phaser rifle, Padd, Tricorder, a med-kit and the medical corps insignia, Kirk's communicator badge
Operational Priority: on a scale of 0 to 1000
7 photos: Admiral Kirks Uniform (from the Motion Picture), Klingon uniform, Anti-radiation suit, Uhura's costume, Khan's costume, Spock's robe
8 photos: Space station Edison, Travel pod, 3 x NCC 2590; which was Picard's ship before he took the command of the Enterprise, and 2 x Enterprise NCC 1701A, the Edo god

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