The Crew: Actors, Anecdotes & Interviews

last update: Mar 23 '00

Jeri Lynn Ryan (Seven of Nine) on the difference between her breast and her elbows (can you tell?) / about fandom on the internet / the possibility of a Voyager feature movie / her early childhood.. etc

when the pictures learned to walk... Jeri Ryan is Seven of Nine

contains RealAudio streaming media William Shatner (Captain Kirk) Part One:  Bill talks in this his first convention appearance in two years about the movie "Free Enterprise" / his book "Get A Life" / the future of Star Trek / his forthcoming popular science fact book "We Are Working On That" and other subjects... 
William Shatner Part Two: Bill talks about a rabbit miracle / black panthers at night / swimming with whales / Coco the gorilla / Kirk's biggest fan

The Nerine Shatner Memorial Fund is a trust set up by William Shatner in memory of his late wife, to help the sufferers of alcoholism in the US.

contains RealAudio streaming media Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) talks about his favorite episode / on the origin of the Vulcan neck pinch / on Vulcan sexual behavior / the Vulcan hand sign / Spock in another movie? /  about Star Wars / Predictions
contains RealAudio streaming media RealVideo, to view RealPlayer is requiredGeorge Takei (Sulu) Part One: on the phenomenon of Star Trek / a nightmare plane trip / on acting with John Wayne / playing Extraterrestrials / doing voice work
contains RealAudio streaming media George Takei Part Two: about his idea for a new Star Trek series (this is related to the Excelsior campaign), Extraterrestrial Intelligence, will Mankind be visiting other Worlds, about Bruce Hyde (The Naked Time), on George Takei's role in politics and as a presidential advisor
contains RealAudio streaming media Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko) on his career as a musician / about "Far Beyond The Stars" / his belief in Jesus / differences between fact and fiction / a question of race
contains RealAudio streaming mediaArmin Shimerman (Quark) on what playing Quark meant to him / will there be a DS9 movie / Armin's favorite rules of acquisition  / the difficulty of learning Star Trek Techno-Babble / etc...

Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher) on the philosophy of Star Trek. Gates McFadden supports Medecines Sans Frontiers, the group which won the Nobel Peace Price 1999

J.G. Hertzler (Klingon General Martok) & Robert O'Reilly (Klingon Chancellor Gowron) with the Imperial Klingon Marine Corps. On this page you'll find the Klingon Battle Anthem in RealAudio (sung by Martok/Gowron) and Martok's answerphone messages.
Pictures with article of Chase Masterson, Max Grodénchik (Leeta and Rom) Includes a new rendition of a Marylin Monroe song by Chase...

Pictures with article of Lolita Fatjo and Max Grodénchik (Rom) Background info on the production of Voyager and DS9, featuring the all time great Ferengi song: '3 Ferengi in a Jeep', also!:  a never before published scene from DS9, where Quark talked about his wedding
Pictures of Claudia Ann Christian (Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5)
Bruce Boxleitner (Captain Sheridan of Babylon 5) talks on winning the Hugo award and gun-control
More pictures with article of John G. Hertzler (Klingon General Martok)
More pictures with article of Robert O'Reilly (Klingon Chancellor Gowron)