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Bruce Boxleitner is Captain Sheridan:
(transcript from tape by Erich Habich of a talk given by Bruce Boxleitner at the FEDCON 7 in  Bonn, on May 1, 1999)

Bruce Boxleitner speaks on:

awards to Babylon 5

Bruce Boxleitner on awards to Babylon 5:

This is the first year that the Saturn Award is really recognizing Babylon 5.  They've been a little distant from us. 

The show has won a Hugo-Award which to me is the biggest recognition.   It's been my proudest moment.  Because in all of Science Fiction the Hugo is the biggest achievement you can get.  It entails all of Science Fiction: Literature, Art as well as Television and Motion pictures.  The Hugo Award covers a big canvas, it's a big category.  It's not just acting. 

The Saturn Award is a very prestigious Award as well.

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Bruce on gun-laws:

I'm only an actor, my friend.  If I was a politician I would be able to (say something on this subject).  As a human being I was abhorred (by the school-shootings in Columbine, Georgia).  I have teenage sons.  And the first thing I did was to call them immediately when I heard of the massacre and tell them I loved them.  

They (the boys who committed the massacre) were teenage boys who could figure.boxleitner02.jpg (13072 Byte)  They had access to weapons.   They didn't get them legally because at 18 you can't just walk into a store and buy a gun.  If people believe that, well, it's just not the truth.  They got the weapons in an illegal way. 

But, you know what? There is enough going on in Europe with people running around with guns at the moment we are speaking.  It's all insane.   There's a war going on right now that's insane.  There's enough weapons anywhere in the world.  I wish we could abolish them all.  But it just doesn't seem to be possible.  I have no answers.  The school-massacre was frightening, tragic.  All we can do is to hope and pray that it doesn't happen again.  I don't know if stricter gun-laws... I don't know what the answer is.  There are guns.   What can we do about it?  Either no one has guns or everyone has guns?

Let's pray for the families of those people.  And hug your loved ones.  A little tighter every day.  And realize how fragile life is.  And that when you say good-bye to your children or your mother and father, brother and sister, everyday,  just be so happy you see them again.  Because who knows what is going to happen. 

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