Global Politics

last update: Sep 26 '99

contains RealAudio streaming media Peace in the Balkans. Press archive and coverage from the EU-summit in Cologne with the historic announcement by Finish President Ahtisaari declaring the cease-fire with Yugoslav President Milosevic. Pictures, transcripts

Declaration of Rio de Janeiro: the trade agreement between the European Union and South-American States (Mercosul). With transcripts, extensive photo coverage including Fidel Ruiz Castro
contains RealAudio streaming media Bill Clinton at the G7 meeting of the most industrialized nations in Cologne (picture gallery)
Pictures from Yasser Arafat's (Chairman of the PLO) return from exile to Gaza City in 1994.
contains RealAudio streaming media Save the Rain Forest!The Brazilian Factfinding Mission. Brazil has been called the country of the future, and that it will always be the country of the future.  Social inequalities foster the destruction of our Earths largest rain forest.

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