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The Brazilian fact-finding mission


Location of Brazil

Chapter 1:

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The curvature of the Earth is visible on the Horizon.

Majestic clouds reach like fingers into heaven.

Further into the heart of the south-american continent the cloud cover briefly intensified.

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Brazil harbors the largest region of untouched jungle on Earth. The Rain Forest is the Planets weather machine, affecting the climate of the whole planet.

First view of a human settle- ment. From this altitude it can't  be determined how much of the soil erosion is caused by tree logging, although not many trees are visible here...

These lines are logging roads eating into the virgin rain forest. When the cover of vegetation is removed the typical red top soil seen on the right is revealed. The treelessness is spreading.

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Brazil has large river systems. After deforestation the rivers
turn red with soil being washed away.

Map detail of the River system shown on the left (by Mapquest)

View from the transport vehicle in Near Earth Orbit: Approach
to Sao Paulo

Save the Rain Forest!

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Story to be continued....

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Here is a link to the YHA in Rio de Janeiro

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A rather rare sight in Brazil are pets. Pets are kept by humans for company. Brazilians are generally to busy socializing with humans to afford them much time. Pets have their own forms of communication. This species is known to "bark".

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ioni.jpg (50202 Byte) The advert above is from the official Tourist Brochure for Sao Paulo. This Brochure is composed to 90%  out of adverts for Sex clubs. In an interview with the third largest magazine of the world, the Veja magazine, I contrasted the availability of cheap women in this Third World country with the riches being expressed by the fact that most better Hotels do feature a Heliport. Brazil is a very convenient meat market for the Rich. They don't even have to dirty their shoe soles on the streets anymore... skyscrape.jpg (60047 Byte)
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Monument to World-Peace in
Rio de Janeiro


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Spiritual Meeting Place in Rio
(Metropolitan Church)

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Inhabitants of the Brazilian megalopolises
need to work hard to survive.  They catch up on
needed rest periods whilst in transit to their


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A small portion of this building in
Sao Paulo is devoted to house the
municipal library.


The Brazilian Flag shows the constellation of stars over Rio de Janeiro
on the day of Brazil's Independence from Portugal, each Republic being
represented by a star. The motto reads: "Order and Progress".

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The flag of the state Sao Paolo came from the republican proposal of 1888-07-16, of the journal "O Rebate" of Julio Ribeiro.
The initial design consisted of fifteen alternate stripes, eight black and seven white, with a red rectangle in the canton,
symbolizing the racial fusion of the three races. Afterwards the number of stripes was reduced to thirteen,
and in the red rectangle appeared the map of Brazil and four stars.
Jaume Ollé - 2 July 1996

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Brazilians at play on Copacabana beach

Adam and Eve TV towers