OSAITAX language programming

In 1991 I began working on an artificial intelligence program.  The idea was to create a system that on a rule-based algorithm had creative thought.  To this purpose I used a random generator to simulate the random firing of synapses inside the human brain.  The rule base that I then applied consisted of simple if-then statements.  The basis for these statements were the rules of the English language.  Step one of the project was the creation of words.   That part of the project was completed.  Then in 1991 I began writing OSAITAX.   The word OSAITAX is artificial and was created by aforementioned program.   OSAITAX was to acquire vocabulary independently and store it until a human operator is found to teach the program interactively the meaning of unknown words.  The present version here is quite an early one (what was added to the later version are just bells and whistles like mouse-support).  Like many other translators it functions like an electronic word-lookup.  The translations do not follow grammatical rule. In exchange you get a high operating speed of 1/6000 sec per word average (benchmarked at a word-comprehension level of 64%) on a 11.000 word-pair database running on a 166mhz Pentium processor. 


basic operation of the search-algorithm (capable to read a 60 million word text in 3hours)

I have no intention whatsoever to continue with the development of artificial intelligence.  What OSAITAX can be used for is fun and learning.  It has various features:

1) direct translation of words / sentences from keyboard input (start-up default)
2) the independent acquisition of vocabulary from keyboard or file (the source language)
3) user interactive learning of a second language (the target language)
4) translation of text between the language pair including switch
5) automated language switch (for instance: from English-Vulcan to Vulcan-English) without needing to re-enter the vocabulary (at present limited by the capability of the sorting-module to approx. 1000 words max. per letter? A sorting program I used in 1993 was able to sort records of indefinite length. I lost that program).
6) training of the user in the newly acquired vocabulary in the form of a quiz where you get points.

There are many more features.  I will now just explain the most important features of OSAITAX to get it running. This program version is a quite early one, and has a few non-fatal bugs concerning the opening of text files from the hard-drive.  Also it can only read ASCII - files.

The English-German vocabulary was build up by reading the film-script of "Terminator" by James Cameron and  "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams (true).

In the first screen select your language...
one.gif (3182 Byte)

...then you can type your text...
two.gif (3223 Byte)

- like many DOS - programs you activate the menu with the left ALT key and then
navigate with the arrow keys -
...you have the option to change to another language...

three.gif (3054 Byte)

...or even start your own...
four.gif (4645 Byte)

if you want the program to learn unknown words activate Automated Learning...
five.gif (4575 Byte)

...the translations you will then have to enter yourself...
seven.gif (4281 Byte)

...when you have built up a certain vocabulary you can have a little quiz to test
your knowledge of the language...

eleven.gif (4251 Byte)

...it's also possible to enter special characters...
nine.gif (7148 Byte)

...you can transmit the vocabulary to the complementary language...
(it's also important to periodically globally "SORT" your entries)

eight.gif (6011 Byte)

because of a bug switching between languages is only possible
by editing the OSAITAX.INI file...

twelve.gif (7896 Byte)

...you will also need to enter the directory path of the dictionary.
ten.gif (11133 Byte)

The program download includes the source-code and the
German-English, English-German dictionary. It is only fit for the purpose of
recreation. Standard disclaimer: The author waives responsibility from
any kind of damage the use of this program may cause.

DOWNLOAD Osai.exe (537kb)
(self extracting ZIP-file)

And then have fun!