The unicef Ambassador thanks the Stars, organizers and visitors of Galileo 7 III (Translated from the German by Erich Habich)

unicefMy special thanks goes to you, not just from me, but from all the staff at unicef, and from all the children of this World.  Because you have contributed to a very special cause.  

The money that was raised at the Galileo 7 III (DEM 35,000) will be going to Rwanda.  Many young children there have lost their parents during the civil war, because they either died or because they were separated during their escape to neighboring villages.  There are very many young orphans in Rwanda. 

Very many young girls, especially in the age range from thirteen to sixteen year old.  They need to support all their younger brothers and sisters.  They can't afford any schooling or job training.  In this case the DEM 35,000 will help those children.  So that they can manage to built up their own independent lives.  So that they don't have to continue to live below the poverty line.

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Thank you very much


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