The Galileo 7 III Press Conference

Oct 29 '99


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The Press Conference was held the 29th of October in the Estrel convention center exclusive photograph. Present were Claudia Christian, Chase Masterson, George Takei, Lolita Fatjo, J.G. Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly, Richard Arnold and Claudia Voelker (unicef) Click here for Interactive Image close up with a description of the actors...

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The following topics were answered by the panel:

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Responding to rumors from the Internet the question was raised if the eight season of DS 9 would continue in book form, rather than in a TV format. Chase Masterson asked jokingly if they (the actors from DS 9) would be in it.

Nobody from the panel of DS 9 actors could substantiate that rumor.  The rumor may have had it's origin in something different that maybe J.G. Hertzler once said regarding the continuation of the story of Deep Space 9.

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The worry was voiced that there would not be any further series of DS 9.

click for close-up: Chase Masterson, Lolita Fatjo, George Takei (62597 bytes)Lolita Fatjo voiced the opinion that there would be no chance of a DS 9 movie. She said further that a new series or movie might be created which would bring in some of the characters from DS 9.  As far as regarding a continuation of DS 9 in its former format, she did not sound too optimistic.

Richard Arnold mentioned that as soon as the last episode of DS 9 was filmed the whole set had been completely dismantled. The set would need to be rebuild from scratch to do any more DS 9. Richard expressed his surprise that the whole set was demolished instead of keeping it, and be it as a tourist attraction.

As far as regarding the next movie Rick Berman was to have said that they were considering a movie which would combine all three elements of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. He did not think that this would happen anytime soon, but maybe in 2001. Lolita Fatjo agreed on this point.

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"He's really not dead as long as we remember him." / De Forest Kelley tribute pageGeorge Takei expressed gratitude that the death of De Forest Kelley touched the heart of so many people, which only knew him through television. Despite the irascible character that Mr. Kelley had played, he had deep down been a very decent, sweet and as a matter of fact a very shy person.  Although it was known that De Forest Kelley was ill, the news of his passing came as a great shock to everyone.

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On the question of how DS 9 measured up to the Star Trek ideal,

Richard Arnold (20407 bytes)Rick Berman was quoted by Richard Arnold.  Rick Berman was to have said that the future portrayed in DS 9 was going to be a darker view of the future.  In order to still keep DS 9 in the Star Trek universe the series was not set aboard a Starship.  Instead it played on an alien space station which was being managed by Starfleet. Starfleet is not military. Gene Roddenberry's universe was not military. Star Fleet was sent in almost as hotel management to take over the Deep Space Nine facility. The goal was to help the Bajorans eventually to join the Federation.   And then the war began. Gene Roddenberry always said that Star Trek reflected the human condition.  And unfortunately a part of the human condition is war. There are several wars ongoing at the moment.

It is not a positive expression of the human condition but it is most certainly one of the things that we have to deal with. Richard believes that in the final episode of DS 9 you could see Gene Roddenberry's philosophy survive.

He thought that it is sometimes necessary to step back a little bit and realize that what you are watching is entertainment and it is being produced for an audience. At the same time an effort was made to try and keep, as Rick Berman always says, Gene on his shoulder. To try and do something that Gene would have wanted.

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A question was put to Claudia Christian about rivalries between Star Trek and Babylon 5 fans.

Claudia was never aware of anything of that nature. Every fan that she ever met from both camps has always been respectful and wonderful, kind and compassionate. Apparently she didn't know what went on behind closed doors. There had always been constant rumors that both series had the same story and kind of love interest.

It appeared always very easy to distance oneself from the show and the effect that it had on people. You just went about your life and suddenly you were walking somewhere and somebody started shouting "Susan Ivanova!". Many people appeared to be in one camp or another. But in the majority she has met folk who just loved Science Fiction.

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A question was raised about the Internet phenomena.

Chase Masterson replied that she hadn't known as much about herself until she saw some websites about her. Claudia Christian complained that she was apparently married and starred in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which isn't true. There are sixteen websites that she knows of, some of which say things about her which are false. Like where she was born etc... The personal privacy may be suffering because of this, but that is a part of being an actor, she ventured.   Some aspects are good about the Internet  and some things are bad.

George Takei mentioned that the best way of countering this kind of misinformation is to have a website of your own. So that an actor can communicate the facts and the information that one wants people to have.  He mentioned his own personal website,

Richard Arnold said that unfortunately the laws in the Internet haven't been put in place that are in place on other media. So that people could get away with saying slanderous and libelous things. The laws have not caught up yet. There are some things said that are true, which however should not be said publicly. There are just no controls in place in the Internet right now. A lot of the information on the Internet needed to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Richard Arnold mentioned that recently terrible rumors went about one Star Trek actor. And they were simply not true. The actor knew that there was nothing he could do about those rumors. He had tried to avoid them in the beginning but it was to late. Everybody had tried everything to fight these rumors but people kept saying: "But we read it on the Internet". It did not matter to those folk that these rumors didn't mean anything.  Sometimes even what you read in a newspaper isn't necessarily accurate.

Richard said there was an understanding for the necessity of the Internet. That it had also its good sides.  But as far as the rumors and the disseminating of information went, for example the printing of entire movie scripts months before the movies came out, a terrible disservice was being done to the fans.  It also being a violation of copyright. The Internet has its good sides and it has its bad sides, Richard concluded.

J.G. Hertzler didn't think it had anything to do with laws. There was once a thing printed about him while he was performing on Broadway. Somebody in the actors trade paper, the Union News, had printed that he was doing a non-Union show in Washington  DC.  And he had told the guy the story was wrong and chased him up. The paper did eventually print a retraction. The retraction said "J.G. Hertzler says he is not doing a non-Equity show in Washington DC." The retraction didn't say it was a wrong statement. It just said that he had said that it wasn't true.  J.G. Hertzler feels that nothing can be done about something like that.

John believes that three quarters of the stuff that comes through the Internet; you find out the next day that it was a hoax. Nobody therefore believes automatically what the Internet says. This has destroyed the credibility of the Internet.  It's hard these days to find a true item on the Internet. J.G. Hertzler doesn't think therefore there is anything to be worry about. Because in his opinion nobody believes it.

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Claudia Voelker (unicef)  (19330 bytes)J.G. Hertzler talked about unicef's involvement with the Galileo 7 III convention. 

He said that the convention was attached to unicef. J.G. Hertzler doesn't see any greater cause than unicef. The future of the World are its children. Which makes it perhaps the biggest cause of all.   J.G. Hertzler is proud to be attached to the UN and to unicef.

The unicef representative Claudia Voelker said that specifically an unicef project in Rwanda was supported with the proceeds from the convention.  Unicef would receive a part of the admission fee, and some actors were willing to donate a part of their earnings to unicef as well.

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