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hosted by Marc B. Lee

Location: The Maritim Hotel in Bonn Germany
Date: 1999.4.30 - 1999.5.2

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Proud Winner of the Overall Best Costume Award at the FED-CON 7 was this young Lady.

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Background picture:  M6 Butterfly Cluster

Look-alike: Butterfly

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Winners of the Presentation Award
Best Stage Performance
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The species of this couple was not clearly identified.
However, incoming sound-transmissions indicate
a great capacity for emotion... 
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Winners of the Best Look-Alike Award:
Seven of Nine & One of Seven

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The host of the FED-CON 7 Marc B. Lee congratulates the winners

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click here for enlargement... The large distance between the United Federation and Earth means that images and sounds are coming in only after a certain delay. However, the best brains are presently working to synchronize transmission. This image of an early Borg expresses the sadness felt over the loss of individuality. In later Borg the emotive Cortex was simply removed. click image for enlargement

Background: Molecular Cloud Barnard 68
ESO Team



These fine Vulcan Ladies sing a traditionally Vulcan ditty, called Ditty.

A sample of this amazing song is available here streaming RealPlayer audio file(click).  It is said to co-incide with the natural 7 year cycle of the mature Vulcan male and female as described by Mister Spock (click) .

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W1. Winners of the Fun Award
The Alien Sisters in "Immigration"

What kind of qualifications might an Immigrations officer be looking for before  granting a Visa to visiting Aliens? critical Immigration officer examines application...


crazy for Trek... ...maybe it helps if you can sing and are a Star Trek fan?

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It rocks!

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Emissary of the Klingon Empire


Erich Habich 1999
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